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The entirely NEW Prismatic Electric Fountain
Denver, Colorado ~ City Park ~ Ferril Lake ~ Dedicated August 19, 2008

The 2008 Electric Fountain was dedicated on August 19, 2008 and it delighted visitors attending the Democratic National Convention in Denver with exciting displays of water in motion and colored light, just as the 1908 fountain did 100 years ago.

The name "Electric Fountain" was given to a number of fountains built when the age of electricity was young and arc lights were first used to illuminate them. Some of these Electric Fountains were designed by a brilliant electrical engineer and inventor by the name of F.W. Darlington. Research has uncovered fountains designed by Darlington as early as 1896. Newspaper accounts refer to "polychrome lighting" in the glowing descriptions of the dramatic new lighting effects.

However, the Electric Fountain in Ferril Lake at Denver City Park seems to be the only one to have the word "Prismatic" added to the name. The first place this terminology showed up is in the Denver Municipal Facts issue of May 22, 1909, a publication of the City of Denver. Early post cards like the one above, illustrated (with some careful air-brushing and coloring) the rainbow of colored lighting effects on the water, as if generated by sunlight shining through a prism.

Notice: This web site and its contents are produced by Larry Kerecman, founder of the Friends of the Electric Fountain, to disseminate information about the Electric Fountain in Ferril Lake at City Park in Denver, Colorado. This is not an official web site of the City and County of Denver Department of Parks and Recreation, which owns and operates the Electric Fountain.

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The Electric Fountain 2015 operating season ended on Tuesday, October 27. It will return to operation in time for the Colfax Marathon on May 15, 2016.
Today is: 2/19/2017
Sunset today: 5:43 pm
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We need your help to finish rebuilding the Electric Fountain and to provide for its maintenance!
»News From the Fountain
12/28/2015 - NEW LIGHTS FOR THE FOUNTAIN! I am pleased to announce that Denver Parks and Recreation has awarded a contract to Encore Electric to replace the multi-color LED lighting on the fountain. See my Fountain Blog for more details.
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Last Update: 2/2/2016
• New blog post about the progress of my research about Darlington and the history of the fountain.
• An appeal for stories and information about the fountain.
• Announced the contract to replace the LED lighting on the fountain in the spring of 2016.
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2/2/2016 - Researching Darlington and the Electric Fountain history My research into the story of Frederic W. Darlington and the Electric Fountain movement has yielded some interesting results...
1/21/2016 - Doors Open Denver and the Electric Fountain history My continuing research into the history of the fountain is starting to turn up more information, especially about the new...
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