Historic Postcards

Postcards of the Electric Fountain have been found with a cancellation date as early as October of 1908. Some of them appear to be illustrations and some are based on black and white photographs with coloring and artistic enhancements added in the studio. Based on the number of postcards that appear on eBay each month, the Electric Fountain was a very popular tourist draw.

not postmarked
Snowy ranges in the distance, visible on clear nights, the multi-color electric fountain in City...
not postmarked
Electric Fountain, City Park, Denver
postmarked: 1908
Dear Sister: Just got a haircut and shave, which is a pretty good sign I am about rid of my...
postmarked: 1919
Denver is noted for its electric display and this fountain is one of its best. Hope the teeth are...
postmarked: 1913
Dear Helen:
Received your card last week. I have always been wondering why you did not...
postmarked: 1932
Dear Friend: This is a most wonderful sight. Was so glad to get to go and also hear a band...
postmarked: 1934
Dear Orville, Mylba and Timothy
We got to see this lovely fountain. Sends out 120 different...
postmarked: 1912
Hello Bob. How are you. I am having a fine time in Denver with Bert. I was at this place last...
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